Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Fall is my favorite season, with Spring being a close second. There is something about the temperatures being just right and the changing of the scenery all around. The leaves are vivid yellow, orange and crimson. The skies crisp, clean blue. The lower temperatures call for an extra layer, making it possible to don your favorite outerwear. The smells of spiced cider, holiday cooking and the sounds of crunching leaves under the feet of pedestrians.

I get really... mellow, in the fall, I turn a little more introverted and start to assess myself and the events of the past year. It's almost an annual review of sorts that I perform on myself. Not in the literal, I have a checklist of performance metrics that I have to hash out, but more of a quiet reflection.

These times are usually met with the slower songs on my iPod and an extra cup or two of coffee throughout the day.

I really enjoy it quite a bit.

And here is one of the songs that always gets me in the right mood:

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