I am an enthusiast of preserving all things old. I'd rather have five acres and a mule, than tract house and a desk job. I get a lot of joy and satisfaction from working with my hands.

My wife is my best friend and I'd rather hang out with her than anyone else. That's why I married her, she's everything I need.

I love old cars and old houses and it is my intention to always own one of each. They're a pain in the ass but the reward is worth every minute of the work.

I love music, all kinds, except what they play on the radio.

I like being outdoors. Sometimes it's as simple as working in the yard or grilling on the patio or being out on the Bay fishing, I can't stand being cooped up for long.

I love Jesus, but I don't act like it most of the time, but then again most people who also love Jesus don't act like it either, so I think I'm in good company. This isn't an excuse, I'm just being honest, but I'm trying.

And that's that. Until I think of something else to add. 

Want to contact me? No problem, just drop me a line at: derek@givemesimplicity.com

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